23° 51' 32.03'' N, 72° 06' 06.33'' E

This magnificent step-well is believed to have been constructed by Udayamati queen of the Solanki king, Bhimadeva (A.D. 1022-1063) towards the closing year of the reign. Parts of it had been damaged and silted up and it has only recently been desisted and fully exposed. Facing east, this seven storeyed monument measures 65 m long, and consists of a long stepped corridor descending down to the underground tank, compartmented with four multi-storeyed pillared pavilions with a circular draw well at the rear end. Fine sculptures embellish the corridor walls, pillared pavilions and the inner sides of the well. Of the original estimated 800 sculptures, nearly 400 have survived which comprise almost all Hindu Gods and goddesses, a profusion of apsaras and miscellaneous hemes including erotic scenes. Prominence is given to the image of Vishnu reclining on Adisesha which is depicted centrally in three registers, girdling the well.

Monuments within the Complex