Achyut Bibi's Masjid & Tomb
23° 02' 51.49'' N, 72° 34' 52.44'' E

The tomb and mosque are located about 1.20 kms north of the city on the river bank. The mosque erected in 1469 A.D. has an immensely large enclosure. The inscription over the central mehrab names Baba Nekbakht Sultani entitled “Imad-ul-mulk” as its builder. He is identified as Hajji Bahaddin who was the minister of Sultan Mahmud Shah I, (A.D. 1458-1511). The façade of the mosque has three arched entrances, of which the one in the centre is flanked by two richly ornamented minars. The central archway is higher than the other two for providing gallery under the central dome. The galleries; the domes; three mihrabs; pulpit are highly ornate. The decorative motifs of the mosque present a fine synthesis of Indo-Islamic architecture in western India.