Ancient site
21° 49' 00'' N, 71° 09' 00'' E


On the left bank of the river Vedi, a tributary of the Setrungi a low lying mound indicative of a late Harappan settlement is situated near the village Venivadar. The surface finds, include varied tools of the Middle Stone Age such as large scrapers and patinated flakes of basalt, in the loose gravel bed. The ceramic types in red buff wares include the carinated bowl, dish with a beaded rim and handled bowl. A few straight sided bowls and carinated dishes also occur. All these evidences suggest a late Harappan settlement of Rangpur II. The most interesting feature is an occurrence of a large number of painted sherds indicating a revival of painted traditions. The lithic implements include short parallel sided blades of chalcedony and fluted cores. The site must have been re-occupied in the early historical period as is indicated by the presence of Red Polished Ware.