Ancient Site at Lothal
22° 31' 21.68'' N, 72° 14' 55.87'' E

The site lothal is around 80 kms south-west of Ahmedabad on coastal flats at the head of Gulf of Cambay. It was a large Harappan port town. It is a high mound of 6.5 m and had long Harappan occupation which was in two periods A and B with four phases in period A, while period B is later and is the decadent continuation, period A represented mature Harappan culture. The settlement was rectangular on plan and had division in the form of citadel and lower town respectively. The note worthy structures exposed along with citadel were warehouse and an oblong basin measuring 214x36 m called as dockyard. It was riveted on all sides with baked brick walls. The structure was used for berthing ships. The streets at the town were laid in a chess-board pattern. The town had all amenities as found in a Harappan city. Almost all the known equipments of Harappan culture are present at Lothal, like inscribed seals, stone-weight, clay sealings, pottery etc.

The period of Lothal is dated to circa 2200-1700 B.C.