Ancient site of Sandhiyapura
22° 19' 53.59'' N, 73° 28' 34.86'' E

Cultural Assemblage: Early Historic, Historic, Medieval

Report published: IAR 1983-84, Page No: 23-24, IAR 1984-85, Page No: 19-20, IAR IAR 1985-86, Page No: 21-23

The excavation conducted from the site from 1983 to 1986, revealed the damaged plinth of a brick temple with extensive enclosure. The site is datable to 4th -5th century A.D. and has yielded Red Polished Ware, micaceous red ware, terracotta’s and coins of the Gupta’s. A miniature head of three eyed lord Siva in schist is a unique find from the site. A copper ring or seal bearing “Om Jagesar “was also found.