Bhamaria Well
22° 48' 02.24'' N, 73° 44' 08.40'' E

Bhamaria well at Mehmadabad is situated Lat. 50’ N; Long. 720 45’ E This step well is built into the rock, the main architectural elements are the octagonal shaft of the well and the chambers attached to it. These chambers are circular above ground level. The chambers have open windows towards the well shaft. The sides in front of the spiral staircases have narrow arched windows. The octagonal shaft is actually set into a square the corners of which are occupied by winding staircases leaving the octagonal space in the middle free. The spiral staircases lead to a lower storey which was probably intended to be used as a cool retreat for the summer months. This step well is datable to the time of Sultan Mahmud Begada (1459-1511 A.D.).