Citadel walls
22° 28' 59.53'' N, 73° 31' 54.58'' E

The citadel wall, running north-south have numerous bastion Four of its gates are in good condition. All these gates were originally double storyed and provided with watch and ward rooms.

Conservation and Preservation

water and growth of vegetation. The collapsed portions of wall have been removed carefully including dismantled carefully after proper documentation and reconstructed the same as per original The citadel walls, running north-south have numerous bastions; four of its gates are in good condition. All the gates were originally double-storied and provided with watch and ward rooms. The citadel dates from the fifteenth century A.D. The fort wall has been damaged/collapsed due penetration of rain sorting out useful materials. The bulged ashlar stone masonry of fort wall have been

The Citadels Walls, provided with gates and strong big bastions, delimited royal enclosure. The Citadels Walls are made of stone masonry excepting kangoora (merlons), and curtain walls provided at the East and the South Bhadra Gate. At placed, these walls have developed bulges, and some of its portions are collapsed. The ashlar stone masonry with hearting is provided on the inner and outer face of the eastern wall is completed.