Fort of Pavagadh & Ruined Hindu Temples & Jain Temples on the top of the Pavagadh Hill
22° 27' 43.64'' N, 73° 30' 57.32'' E

Pavagadh hill was a famous Hindu fortress under the Solanki king of Gujarat followed by Khichi Chauhan. They belong to Hindu sect and constructed numerous religious structures. Among the notable monument located on the mauliya plateau, the earliest temple datable to 10th – 11th century is dedicated to Lakulisa of which only gudhmandapa and part of antrala is extant.

Conservation and Preservation

All these groups of temples are of the Nagara style having garbhagriha, mandapa and entrance porch datable to circa 10th – 11th century A.D. The temples have been damaged due to human vandalisms and heavy rain water flow. The work of reconstruction of fallen ashlar stone masonry on road side with lime mortar is in progress. The fallen R.R .stone masonry has been restored as per original