Helical Stepped Well (With 50 feet  space around at pathway 10 feet  wide to nearest road)
22° 29' 03.65'' N, 73° 31' 03.30'' E

The Helical stepped well made of bricks and stone paved steps consists of an entrance which leads to the stairway attached to the wall of the shaft and descends down wards like the coil of a snake. The steps of this stairway are 1.20 mts in width. The stepped well surrounded by 1 mts high parapet wall is datable to circa 16th century A.D. The three disrinct typologies of stepped stepped well – spiral, linear and composite – enjoyed an eminent status in architectural development of the period.

Conservation and Preservation

This step well mainly consists of the shaft of the well, a spiral staircase and a circumambulatory passage datable to 16th century A.D. The chain link fencing provided on brick masonry dwarf wall to protect the monument from cattle’s and encroachment. Stone path way provided to facilitate to the tourist. The work is in progress.