Hira gate with S.No.38, 41, 45,47 & Ticca No: 102 & 103
22° 07' 59.96'' N, 73° 25' 35.78'' E

This gate is knows as Hiragate on account of its beautiful decoration, built in 12th century A.D. The eastern side of the citadel with its adjoining right side has a temple of Kalika mata. On Hiragate, there are six pilasters on each side, three near each and which supported the elaborate corbelled brackets. Both faces of the gate are full of sculptural representations of Hindu deities like Siva, Lakshmi, Vishnu, scene of churning of the ocean and legends from the Mahabharata. On the inner side of this gate, is a famous inscription composed by Rajkavi Someshwar Dev.

Conservation and Preservation

The Hira (or Diamond) gate, one of the four gates of an early 13th century fort founded by the Vaghela king of Patan in Gujarat, has six arches and several pilasters; its brackets, lintels, balconies, and upper walls are richly carved with decorative ornamentation and mythological figures. The northern portion of the gate had collapsed in 2006 due to a host of factors – impact of past earthquakes, dead lime mortar and dead load of superstructure, moisture affected mud hearting, and finally heavy rains. In continuation of previous year’s work, after consolidation of foundations, resetting of fallen and dismantled ashlar stone masonry, including architectural members like pillars, capitals, chhajja stones, lintels, brackets, kakshsana stones, etc., is in progress.