Lili -Gumbaz -ki -Masjid
22° 29' 26.71'' N, 73° 32' 26.78'' E

It stands on a high platform. Façade has an arched central entrance and two lateral ones. The main main arch is flanked by minarets patterned at regular intervals by horizontal cornices and mouldings decorated with niches. The three mehrabs of the prayer hall are embellished with floral motifs and hanging kalash at the centre. It has three domes, the central dome is fluted which was once coloured. Originally it had three entrances on east south and north. There is a rectangular tank for ablutions on north-east corner beyond the platform and a deep drain passes along its front.

Conservation and Preservation

This masjid datable to circa 15th century A.D. this masjid stands on a high platform. The pillars are double storied. The central dome is of the ribbed variety scientific clearance of a moat situated near the masjid is in progress.