Nagina Masjid
22° 29' 38.51'' N, 73° 31' 46.36'' E

It is a huge structure built on high platform with large open space in front. The main entrance of the mosque is flanked by minarets on either side the minarets are carved artistically and the niches are filled with floral designs. He Mosque has three large domes constructed over the main prayer hall supported by de decorative columns and windows.

The double storeyed central dome of main prayer hall is provided with balcony. The complex of mosque also comprises of a few brick structures, well etc.

Conservation and Preservation

This masjid constructed on a high plinth having two minarets. There are two balconies above the central faced. It is located in dense forest area, to protect the area around the monuments from wild animals & cattle’s, the work of providing chain link fencing on brick masonry dwarf wall is in progress.