Ranchhod Rayaji Temple with wasteland around the chowk of Mahadev Temple
20° 45' 33.19'' N, 70° 39' 40.51'' E

It is standing on a rock jutting into the sea. The sanctum is without Idol and it has a large rectangular Mandapa. There is an image of Sun God on the main gate. The temple was built in circa 10th century A.D. According to a legend a secret passage lay under the temple through which lord Krishna had escaped.

Conservation and Preservation

As this temple is situated on the sea shore, salt-laden winds are constantly at work to erode and damage temple’s stone masonry to a considerable extant. As a result, the structure had lost stability and developed differential cracks. In order to make good the damage, ashlar stone masonry of the temple was dismantled after proper documentation and carefully stacking at suitable place for reuse. The work is in progress.