Saher Ki Masjid (Bohrani)
22° 29' 00.90'' N, 73° 31' 52.87'' E

This “Mosque of the City” was a private mosque built for royal family and nobles of the Gujarat Sultanate (15th -16th century), in a mixed Indian trabeate (pillar and beam) and Islamic arcuate (column and arch) style. Constructed on a raised platform, the mosque (56 x 40 m) has a large payer hall with five mihrabs, accessed through a central arched entrance flanked by two minarets on both sides. In addition, there are two arched entrances on either side of the central one fringed by jharokhas. Corresponding to each arched entrance is a large dome in a central row, each surrounded on all four sides by cupolas. A battlement runs over the façade provided with a chhajja. To south-east of the mosque, close to citadel walls, are preserved remains of a small ablution tank.