Siva Temple
23° 15' 00'' N, 69° 40' 00'' E

The temples belongs to circa middle of the 10th century A.D. Built of yellowish stone the west facing temple consists of a panchratha sanctum roofed by an elegant Sikhara (Nagara) an antrala and a mandapa, while its porch is completely ruined. The wall of the sanctum, antarala and mandapa is adorned with sumptuous figures of gods, goddess, apsaras and vyalas each standing on a lotus pedestal. The three cardinal projections of the sanctum represent aspects of lord Siva, including Harihara in niches crowned by pediments. The corner projections bear Dikpalas and the remaining ones depict apsaras, while the recesses carry figures of vyalas. The main Sikhara over the sanctum is clustered by 20 angasikharas. This is one of the notable temples of the pre Solanki period in Gujarat.