Sun Temple, Surya Kund with adjoining other temples & loose sculptures
21° 35' 00.45'' N, 72° 07' 58.38'' E

Sun temple of Modhera is situated on the bank of river Pusbavati in Mehsana district of Gujarat State. This temple was erected probably the reign of the king Bhim Dev (1022-63 A.D.). Architecturally this Sun temple is one of the finest examples of Solanki style of temple in Gujarat.

Erected on high platform (jagati) on the single plane, this temple has three main components:

  1. sanctum with ambulatory parts sanatorium, and a hall which constitute the main part of the temple
  2. one separately constructed assembly hall with majestically standing highly decorated torana in front, and
  3. a water tank constructed by stone with several small & big temples or shrines in it. The octagonal mandapa (assembly hall) is laiden with beautifully carved stone pillars are erected in octagonal plan in the mandapa (hall), which provide base to the decorated Torana (entrance gate).

The outer wall of the temple has Niches around the wall which is decorated with 12 images of Adityas, Dik pala, Guardians of direction Goddesses & Apsaras. Assembly hall (Nritya mandapa or dancing hall), which is constructed in angular plan is also decorated with beautiful pillars. In sabamandaba for entrance from all four cardinal directions there is a provision of semicircular torana on all sides. A huge torana is erected in front of the sabha mandaba. In front of it there is a rectangular water tank, known as surya kund also locally known as ‘Ram kund’.

To reach the water level of this kund there is provision of flights of shrines steps inside and all around the tank, besides there are several big and small miniature temple shrines constructed inside the tank (kund) which are devoted to various god & goddesses like, Sitala mata, Ganesh, Siva (Natesh), Seshayi Vishnu & others.