Talaja Caves
21° 21' 20.31'' N, 72° 01' 56.63'' E


These caves are cut into isolated conical rocks. There are nearly thirty such caves with fifteen to twenty tanks for storing water. The only cave possessing some ornamentation is known by the name of Ebhal Mandapa. There are no cells within the hall. On the façade there are chaitya windows with a broad bank of vedika below them. These caves belong to different periods. The chaitya cave and the plain cells belong to the pre-Christian period when Buddhist monks first came over to Gujarat (circa. 200 B.C.). The cells and the halls which have Jaina symbols and advanced pillars types form, belongs to the period of the later Kshatrapa (circa 200-300 A.D.). Among the caves, which are definitely Buddhistic, the Ebhal Mandapa is an eminent one.