Teen Darwaja or Tripolia Gate
23° 01' 27.52'' N, 72° 35' 04.41'' E

Ahmedabad is famous for the gateways appearing on various roads in the central city. These gateways served as entrance to the walled city of Ahmedabad. The city encircled by a wall originally has twelve main gates to which six more were added later. This impressive triple gateway originally intended as stately portal to the Royal Palaces, is of rare architectural dignity and scheme of town planning of Sultan Ahmed Shah-I (A.D. 1411-1442). The structure is remarkable for its bold and graceful pointed arches, skillful arrangement of its parapet relieved by three elegant orial windows and richly carved buttresses of regional workmanship. The three arched façade of the gate has evidently been inspired by the Tughlaq architecture of Delhi. Tripolia gates from a common feature of Indo-Islamic city layout. It is popularly known as Tin Darwaja. This gateway has a Nagari inscription on a marble slab, dated VS 1868 (A.D.1814) which records an order during the subebari of Chimanji Raghunath at Ahmedabad.