Interpretation Center, Dholavira
23° 53' 14.07'' N, 73° 12' 47.60'' E

Shri Sudhir Mankad, IAS, Chief Secretary, Government of Gujarat, inaugurated the site museum at Dholavira and unveiled the plaque on 23rd March 2007 in the presence of Shri C. Babu Rajeev, Director General, Archaeological Survey of India, Shri Narothambhai Patel, Hon’ble Minister of Irrigation & Water Supply, Government of Gujarat, Shri V. N. Maira, Principal Secretary for Sports, Youth Activities and Culture, Government of Gujarat, and Shri Puspadan Gandhvi, Hon’ble Member of Parliament.

The museum houses antiquities retrieved from the excavations and also surface findings from Dholavira. There are two rooms, which are being used as a library and a Conference Hall, and rest of the rooms are converted into galleries for display of archaeological findings, viz., beads, replica of seals and sealings, stone blades, terracotta objects and animal figurines, shell bangles and debitages, saddle-querns, pestles and mullers, etc. including big jars, and other pottery wares. In another gallery, photographs, blow ups, write ups, maps, on Dholavira, its location and excavations, etc. are displayed.