There are at present more than 214 ancient monuments and archaeological sites under and remains of national importance maintained and preserved through Vadodara Circle. These monuments belong to different periods, ranging from the prehistoric period to the colonial period and are located in different geographical settings. They include temples, mosques, tombs, churches, cemeteries, forts, palaces, step-wells, rock-cut caves, and secular architecture as well as ancient mounds and sites which represent the remains of ancient habitation.


Since independence various agencies like the Archaeological Survey of India, State Departments of Archaeology, Universities and other research organisations have conducted archaeological excavations in different parts of the country. The Vadodara Circle of ASI preserves and manages 24 excavations.


At present there are 2 site museums under the control of Vadodara Circle of ASI. It has been the policy of the Government of India to keep the small and movable antiquities, recovered from the ancient sites, in close association with the remains to which they belong, so that hey may be studied amid their natural surroundings and not lose focus by being transported.